Suzuki GT750 Engine Rebuild – PDF Download


12 Page – PDF Download – Suzuki GT750 Engine Rebuild

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12 Page – PDF Download – Suzuki GT750 Engine Rebuild

Stripping Suzuki’s watercooled triple

Suzuki specialists Crooks may be located in the wilds of Cumbria but ace technical snapper Doug Millhouse drove hundreds of miles up the M6 in deepest Winter to record how their man Roy Hook rebuilds the revered ‘Kettle’.

Once the engine is out of the frame loosen the spark plugs then remove the thermostat and its housing.

Now the cylinder head can be removed. Undo the head bolts in an even sequence, loosening each one about half a turn at a time to prevent the head being distorted.

Note the single stud which passes through the head and don’t forget this nut, as it also retains the head.

A rawhide mallet may be used to assist the removal of the cylinder head – it may well be stuck to the gasket.

With the head off, the barrel can be removed. Apart from the cylinder head nuts, the barrel is retained by a single hexagonal nut located on the cylinder base flange between the right and centre cylinders.

With this nut removed, pull the ‘SRIS’ pipes off the feed unions on the cylinder barrel. On the J and K models, the unions are at the front of the barrel. On later models, two pipes are fixed to the front of the barrel and one fixed to the rear below the left-hand cylinder inlet port.

On L, M and A models, the SRIS pipe leading to the left-hand cylinder inlet port must be left in place until the starter motor cover is removed.

Now the barrel can be lifted, again with the possible help of a soft mallet to unstick the base gasket.

Once free, lift the barrel squarely and evenly for a few inches…”

12 Page – PDF Download – Suzuki GT750 Engine Rebuild

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