Kawasaki Z1/Z900/Z1000 – PDF Download


31 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Kawasaki Z1/Z900/Z1000

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31 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Kawasaki Z1/Z900/Z1000

The Different Engine Models

Yes, by popular request, a series of articles on how to strip and rebuild the legendary 1000cc four.

We have been surprised by just how many Z1s there are out there, and many must be getting long in the tooth. Dave Marsden starts with the information you’ll need before reaching for the socket set.

Another Kawasaki Z1 article? Maybe so, but although the story has been well documented here and in every other magazine, a step-by-step engine strip and rebuild is long overdue.

So, over the next six issues, we will delve into the workings of the engine generically described as a ‘Z1’ which in fact applies to the three basic engines we’ll cover here.

So, before entering into the weaknesses and problem areas of the legendary four-cylinder unit, let’s look at the development of the engine from its introduction in 1972 up to the Z1000H of 1980.

This will help the Classic & Motorcycle Mechanics readers to identify exactly which type of engine they have. We stop short of the later Z100J series engines. Although very similar we’ll cover these in a later series.

Differences over the life of the engine were kept to a minimum. They were cosmetic rather than mechanical and by using our engine number reference chart you should be able to verify which engine is in your bike.

And that could be useful – older models may have later ‘donor’ motors in the frame because of the ease in which they could be swapped from frame to frame.

1972/72 Z1

This saw the introduction of the Z1 into the USA. We didn’t get it here until the spring of ’73. However, many American imports have been arriving in the UK over the past two or three years – such has been the demand for the bike…”

31 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Kawasaki Z1/Z900/Z1000

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