Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild – PDF Download


9 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild


9 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild

“Stripping the Engine

In the first of our new series, John Wyatt – armed with tubs and plastic bags – shows us how to take the vee-twin CX500 engine apart.

The CX500 was the first vee-twin motorcycle to be launched by the Honda factory. It was launched at the same time as the CBX1000 and was an instant success, although some felt it an unusual machine and never gave it much thought.

A few years ago, when one came into my possession, I was mightily impressed, as I suppose hundreds of despatch riders have been. Many motorcyclists wish Honda still made it.

The first type was the CX500A. There was also a custom version called the CX500C. There were many other variations but effectively the stripdown covered here is applicable to all models.

Before removing the engine from the frame clean the engine thoroughly. remove the thermostat bracket from the top of the crankcases and the two bolts that hold the manifolds to the cylinder heads. Remove the transfer pipes, the thermostat housing and air spoiler plate from the top of the engine. Note the ‘O’ rings. Finally, detach the chrome lower water pipes. these are held by clamps attached with the Allen bolts.

Working on one cylinder at a time (in order to keep parts separate) and having some plastic bags or equivalent at the ready, undo the two chrome bolts on the rocker cover, inspecting the rubber gaskets underneath.

Remove the spark plug if this has not been done so previously. Put a small container (a large margarine tub will do) under the drain plug and drain the cylinder of any remaining coolant. Tippin the engine forward will help.

Undo the nut on the front of the engine (17mm spanner), remover the breather tower (or, if a very early machine, the similar plug behind the right hand barrel) and locate the timing marks…”

9 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild

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