• June 2017 – Issue 356

    ARCHIVE 1982 World 500 MX champ Brad Lackey. 1979 KAWASAKI KH250 Quick Spin on a 70s legend! NEWS We bust the ton on Facebook and

  • Mark’s General Tips

    Battery terminals can cause trouble. Although the voltage they carry is quite small, the current a lead acid battery can produce is very high so

  • Honda CBR600F

    Q: Can I take this early opportunity to thank CMM for what was my enthusiasm for motorcycling and home mechanics. The problem is with the

  • Five minute fix – Socket universal joint

    If you don’t have a universal joint for your socket set you will shortly; no home mechanic can afford to be without one. If you

  • Your tips and feedback

    I had the same problem with my T500 and it turned out to be the feed pipe from tank to oil pump, the banjo union

  • Fuel for thought?

    Q: With reference to Steve Cooper’s article on petrol tanks he regards the off-centre mounting of the filler neck as an illogical Honda quirk. Now

  • Suzuki T500

    Q: A few months ago one of your staff did a feature on his Suzuki T500 in which he mentioned about obtaining a replica airbox

  • Five minute fix – Fitting forks

    Fitting externally sprung forks can be a real hassle unless you know the wrinkles. Remove the lower yoke pinch bolt, carefully tap in a flat