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25 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series

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25 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – BSA A10 Engine Rebuild

“Brian Wooley’s BSA A10 restoration takes a turn to the good this month with the arrival of his rusty engine at SRM Engineering in Cardiff. SRM’s Steve McFarlane is the engine expert – John Nutting provides his words.

The appeal of early British parallel twins is that they’re so simple in construction – but that doesn’t mean they can be treated badly.

Brian Wooley’s BSA A10 had obviously been standing unattended for many years and he was wise to leave the guts of the engine well alone before sending it off to SRM Engineering in South Wales for its rebuild.

More often than not, the temptation to discover if the engine will run is too great and these efforts, combined with the accumulated weathering of an unprotected engine, adds to the final death throes.

Steve MacFarlane runs SRM Engineering in Penarth and builds racing BSA engines for the classic racing fraternity. When he stripped the iron-head 650cc A10 he found the ravages of time had shown no mercy. Any movements of the crank would have done considerable harm to the internals. But more of that later…”

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