Show Us Yours – Mick Thomas’ Kawasaki Z900 Hybrid


Hi Bertie I thought I’d send some pics of my Z900 Hybrid that I built over the winter as it’s something a little different. It started out life as a Z900 A4 that had already been butchered and stood in a shed for 12 years, so I rescued it and fitted a 1200 Bandit engine and electrics along the way. Those wheels took forever to arrive but they were worth it: the frame was modified and strengthened by Racefit, then altered further by a mate Jim King to make the engine fit. I then had it powder-coated chrome and painted candy green over it to give the finish you see here it then went back to Racefit to have a one off titanium Legend system fitted. All in all it came together quite well. Thanks to Fastladpictures for these shots!