Show Us Yours: Jim Tracey’s collection

In this edition of Show Us Yours, have a glance at Jim’s collection including the 1998 BMW R1100RT and the Honda CBR600FY. Want to see your pride and joy in our magazine, on our website and on our social media pages? If so, fill in the form here>>

jim-traceyI thought you may like to see my current line-up. I came back to bikes three years ago, after a 20 year absence. The 1998 BMW R1100RT I have had since last year, and it has had its calipers rebuilt, new stainless brake hoses, and master cylinder rebuilt. This bike has 68k miles but feels much fresher.

The Honda CBR600FY I have had since Jan this year. It’s a 2001 model with 17k miles and I have known it since new, and I’m the second owner. I had been dropping hints to a workmate about selling it for years, as it was in storage and eventually he relented this year. I have rebuilt the front forks and refreshed the brakes, fitted a double bubble screen, and with a service it sailed through its MOT. It’s in rather nice condition.


I have owned the 1991 Honda RC36 VFR750FL for just a few weeks. Since I sold the CB500 I had been looking for a project, and I saw it on Gumtree before going on holiday for a fortnight. When I came back from holiday I had gone to see a GSX750EF only to discover the owner in the middle of selling it to another guy when I arrived. As I have always wanted a VFR, and had drooled over a red single sided swing arm model when newly introduced at Victor Devine’s in Glasgow 25 years ago, I thought to myself “I wonder if that VFR on Gumtree is still available?” 24 hours later it’s in my garage. It’s in good condition, but needs the forks and brakes refreshed so that’s the start of my restoration.

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