Show Us Yours: Jeffery’s 1974 Mobylette N40T

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Okay, okay, stop sniggering. I know it’s only a little French moped, but it’s my first nut and bolt rebuild and one just like this, many years ago, got me hooked on two wheels, so being a fan of your mag rebuilds, when this rusty old 1974 Mobylette N40T came along, I decided to have a go and see what I could do.


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It was a total wreck and I nearly just chucked it away when I got it home. The engine was seized, chain so rusty the wheel couldn’t turn: nothing worked. The tyres and wheel rims were scrap, but it was mostly complete and when I got it all to bits, I started work and I felt a bit better. I took it down to every last nut, bolt and washer, even took the spokes out of the wheels to reuse in case I couldn’t get any. Six years later she’s all completed and on the road again. I changed the colour to orange because I found a brand-new fork set that came in that colour and my painting guy matched it perfectly.


I tried to re-use as much as I could, but had to source many parts from Aplins in Bristol and a well-known auction site. I went a bit overboard with the chrome and zincing and also made quite a lot of stainless parts myself but I’m really pleased with the result and I like the fact that this 43-year-old moped has been saved and can now be burning up the roads of Yorkshire using all of its 2.5 bhp!

I loved your recent Z650 articles and have enclosed a photo of mine: a 1980 B3. Huge thanks as well to Paul at Allenchrome in Pocklington for his knowledge and help.


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