Show Us Yours: Ellis’ Honda CL90

Ellis Holman has sent us this photograph of his 1970 Honda CL90, which was originally purchased from Curly’s Honda agency just outside Gate 1 of the Yokota Air Base.

For years it had stood in the back of a shed until the owner put it up for sale on eBay. The kick-start shaft had broken off flush at the case, and the engine was locked up.

The CL90K is very similar to the CL100 that was exported to the rest of the world, but has a smaller bore in a cast iron cylinder, different turn signals and a kph speedo.


“It’s a pleasant little thing to ride, the engine starts first or second kick, and it’s as light and nimble as you’d expect.” emailed Ellis, “Bronze bushes have replaced the rubber ones in the swinging arm, and tapered roller bearings have been installed in the headstock. When I opened the toolbox, the tools looked factory fresh.”

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