Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild 1980 – PDF Download


19 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – 1980 Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild


19 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – 1980 Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild

CX500 Engine Rebuild

Disturbing noises from the bottom end of this 1980 Honda CX500 engine announced the need for a complete overhaul. Jason Loff of CX500 specialists ‘Mikes Bikes’ of London tackles the job.

The CX500 introduced in early 1978 was a departure from the familiar assortment of fours and twins which made up the bulk of Honda’s range of medium to large capacity models.

The 80-degree V-twin was a compact unit which permitted a short wheelbase.

Twisting the four-valve cylinder heads avoided the carburettors fouling the rider’s knees, and incorporation of the gearbox in the crankcase helped reduce physical size of the motor.

The shaft-drive bike topped the sales charts and became the number one choice with couriers.

‘Mikes Bikes’ regularly see examples with 200,000miles on the clock. Even then many require little more than a new set of piston rings.

Most parts are still readily available, but a shortage of cranks is becoming evident.

The major cause of mechanical problems with the CX is abuse and lack of maintenance.

They are prone to oil and water leaks which can cause terrible damage if left unchecked. Riders should keep a close eye on the temperature gauge as engine damage quickly occurs.

Common Coolant Faults are:

Securing nut falls off cooling fan. Fan then hits radiator causing leak and overheating.

Water pump/impeller securing nut loosens and water leaks behind impeller.

Leaking radiator caused by damage.

Starting Work…

We start work on the unit with the engine removed from the frame. the carburettors and exhausts have been removed, the oil drained and the unit steam cleaned.

Remove the radiator grill/guard and the three 12mm radiator mounting bolts.

Unscrew radiator hoses’ pipe clips. There are two – one at the top of the radiator, the other at the bottom.

Remove and drain radiator.

Holding fan, release fan centre but/washer and withdraw fan assembly…”

19 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – 1980 Honda CX500 Engine Rebuild

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