Honda CJ250 – PDF Download


5 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CJ250

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5 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CJ250

My first time

Dick Watson ventures where he’s never dared to tread before – into the internals of an engine. And there’s a predictable horror story inside.

The stage was set.
Having been allocated a bench in the capacious Berry garage, presented with a pristine looking engine, and securing the services of our production manager Jim Arthur, I was ready to start my first ever engine strip and rebuild.

Also at hand on this Sunday morning was Bob’s mate Dave Thompson, always ready with words of encouragement and a cheeky ‘sod off’ if I encroached into the ‘BSA department’ next to mine where he tediously continues renovating the A65.

Ideally, the wall would be festooned with all manner of quality tools and specialist factory equipment, but as this is a Berry backed operation we’re going to have to make do with his paltry selection of spanners and Thompson’s socket set.

The screwdriver collection extends as far as an impact driver, some rusted bits and a couple of cheap and nasty implements which have obviously been variously used to prise open beer cans and wine bottles. (A gross and malicious slur Watson. BB)

Disagreement began almost immediately. Jim, who claims some mechanical background, was all for getting stuck in straight away in a flurry of flying spanners and engine components strewn everywhere.

Urging caution, I studied the aged engine like a viewer at an art gallery looking for the finer subtlety of this masterpiece of oriental engineering.

This cautious approach earned me various taunts from the assembled company including, ‘Get on with it Watson, you’re like a pox doctors clerk.’.

I had planned to neatly label every last nut and bolt and place them in jars which, in a rare moment of generosity, the curry-loving Mr Berry had thoughtfully provided from his collection of empty Patak pickle jars…”

5 Page – PDF Download – Complete Series – Honda CJ250

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