Updated websites for classic bikers

As we’re sure you’ve spotted when browsing our sites, Classic Bikers Club and its sister publications have made a few cosmetic changes. On the whole, it’s all back-end and technical stuff that involves the moving of the sites from one server to another… the IT crowd have all been very excited.

In terms of the actual sites you use though, it doesn’t alter a great deal of what’s on offer. You can still enter competitions, still search our online classifieds, still read news and articles and still sign up to our fortnightly newsletter.

One change you might notice is the forum no longer exists, but we are working on a system to incorporate commenting on our articles and news stories which means you can still chat with your fellow bikers.


While we encountered a few teething problems in the early weeks of the switchover, all of our systems now appear fully operational. But, of course, if you are having any problems at all then don’t hesitate to ring our customer services team on 01507 529529 or email webmaster@mortons.co.uk

298_1648112729Updated websites for classic bikers

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