Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo – PDF Download


3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

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3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

“Two Kawasaki GPz750s were brought up for us to ride and Bob was given the job of comparing them. Both bikes have been well sorted and both are for sale.

Like Mark Leat, Mark King bought his turbo bike on an impulse. He had planned to get a GPz900, but the day he got the money from the bank, there weren’t any advertised in Motor Cycle News.

There was however the turbo on offer. with 42,000 miles on the clock, but run by the same owner since the 4000 miles mark, it was bought as seen a year ago.

Things went well for around ten months but after 45,000 miles it was starting to feel rough, so Mark decided to have it rebuilt.

The work, carried out by Fosgatti’s of Coulsden, included a new cam chain, new valves, a rebore, cleaned pistons and a rebuild. It cost Mark just £420 including parts and labour, which seems pretty good to us.

Since then it’s hardly been used, following a scrape with a cyclist soon afterwards which left the bike with a broken brake lever and Mark with three broken fingers, although he manages to stay onboard and the cyclist was unhurt.

Garry Munton’s Kawasaki has undergone much more radical surgery. Already the ZZR1100 owner and a habitual swapper of bikes, Gary traded in a GPz1100 plus £200 for the 7000 mile turbo from Fox’s of Nottingham last June.

Bought as a ‘general runaround’, the bike was already well used when Gary got it and he soon decided to totally rebuild it.

It was stripped to the bare frame during the winter and everything cleaned up, repaired or replaced by Gary, including the petrol tank, the top half fairing and the exhausts…”

3 Pages – PDF Download – Complete Article – Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo

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