Oxford Products Maximiser

Keep your battery in tip-top condition

What I’ve liked is that – unlike many battery optimisers/maintainers (you can’t just say ‘chargers’ anymore, it seems) – is that you’ve got a screen which logically gives you information about what the situation is with the battery.

If it’s ‘Recovering’ the battery, that’s what it’s doing – and if the battery is ‘weak’ it will tell you that too. In addition, you can also charge car batteries, caravan leisure batteries – pretty much the lot!


I’ve dropped the thing a fair few times and it still works so it’s pretty sturdy – even if it doesn’t have the solidity of other chargers.

One thing I have noticed of late though is that the ol’ girl didn’t manage to charge a very flat scooter’s battery, so a competitor’s battery maintainer was hooked up and it was sorted within days. Of course, in mitigation it could be that the Maximiser had almost got the job done anyway. Like when I used to loosen tight jar lids for the ex to open… Bertie Simmonds

Price is around £62 and more information is available on the Oxford Products website or by telephoning the company on 01993 862300

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