News in brief

A new bike club has been set up that specialises in pristine early Honda CB 750s up to the K6 – the vision behind the club is to keep some lovely examples, either restored or unrestored, of Honda CB 750s so people can remember the bike and view it as close as possible to how it was back in the day at various motorcycle shows including Stafford.

Contact details are: The CB 750 Fours, Karen: 07765 416761


Starting with The South of England Real Classic Motorcycle Show & Bikejumble on Sunday, March 11, 2012 at The South of England Showground, Ardingly, West Sussex.

The full calendar is available on  with the Superbike Show for later classics again taking place in August, catering for the bikes of the 1960s, 70s, 80s and beyond.

Motad have started their spring clean early this year, and have discovered a treasure trove of manufacturing tooling and jigs for models that have not been in the range for some years. With other manufacturers stopping production and NOS original exhaust becoming very difficult to find, some of these old models are going to allow some bikes to get back on the road.


The range includes 2-1 systems for the Z400, Z440, GSX250 and 400, Yamaha XS250/400 and 4-1 for GS550, 650 and XS1100. We can even make some 3-1 for XS750 and 850.

Interested owners should contact Ian McDonald on  If there are riders wanting a system, Motad intend to make one last batch available at crazy prices – 40% or more off the original price. But if you don’t ask, the jigs will go back into the store…

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