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Editor's intro
Bertie Simmonds sets the scene

A month of marvellous places to motorcycle to

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Cold rallies, cooler bikes and things to think on

Feedback on 1990s bikes in CMM and Scottie in the firing line!

ProductsShow us yours!
An eclectic mix from 1970s to 1990s on show. Lovely!

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Mould breaker
The 1992 Honda CBR900RR FireBlade was this and more

Forgotten bike
Yamaha’s Thunderace was always overshadowed by the Blade

Suzuki's PE enduros
We raced ’em, rode ’em and ragged ’em. Now remember ’em

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The top-handling Boxer twin recalled… and then ridden

Honda Super Dream
The positive view of Honda’s massive seller

C’est bon CBX1000R
20,000rpm and 170bhp – a stunning CBX

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Yamaha’s beautiful race bike the YZR500. Buy one

Mira files
That middleweight marvel the Suzuki GT550

Tuning the Suzuki RGVStan Stephens
Super Stan on the Suzuki RGV250

Bowden cables
With Mark as ourvery own cable guy

Valve clearances
Scoop sorts out his FZR clearances. With help!

Steve Parrish
Stavros strips his FZ750 to the frame…

Niall Mackenzie
… while Spuds builds his RD350LC up!

Emerging classics
The Thundercat is a sure-fire emerging classic

Buying guide
Another CBX, this time the CBX1000 Pro-Link

A lesser-spotted Garelli Tiger Cross

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