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Motorcycle loading ramps

If you take your pride and joy to a show, then you’ll know that getting it there and back safely and in one piece is the most important thing.

If you’re transporting an expensive classic, or more than one, then it could pay to invest in a good quality ramp – an old plank won’t do.


This is a PC-R galvanised mesh ramp which folds up and down with the aid of a manual spring system. It can also swivel out of the way to give you access to your van’s loading area. This range is rated up to 500kg so it covers big bikes and trikes. The good thing is that it guarantees single-person operation and comes with a two-year warranty. Not cheap, but then neither is a rebuild or a respray…

Price is from £1490 and more info from

Fork compressing kit Fork compressing kit
The home mechanic-cum-fettler never has enough time but things like this help. Laser Tools has developed this bit of kit which allows the user to easily compress the internal spring in bike forks, meaning you have more access to the inside of the fork. Handy if you want to insert some preload spacers.


You can even use it with the forks still attached to the chassis, as long as the weight of the bike is taken off the forks by using a front paddock stand to pick the bike up under the bottom yoke. Good for standard and inverted forks, this bit of kit is perfect for the modern classic fettler.

The costs is £120 and more information is available from the Laser Tools website or landline 01926 815000

Charge DVD
We all love the internal combustion engine at CMM, but – unless you’ve been posted to the moon for the last couple of years – you can’t have missed the recent impact of electric bikes on racing and on the road.


This DVD is from Mark Neale, the director of The Doctor, The Tornado and The Kentucky Kid, Faster and Fastest, and is narrated by Ewan McGregor. The quality of those documentaries shows in this film, which focuses completely on zero emission racing.

The film follows all the highs and lows of designing a new machine from the drawing board to the Isle of Man TT circuit, following many of the teams who are the trail blazers in electric bike racing. It covers the 2009 and 2010 events where electric bikes were hitting 135mph and getting tantalisingly close to the magic 100mph average lap speed. As well as all the on-track action, Charge also has previously unseen interviews as well as access to the many teams and their workshops.

Price is £19.99. More information from Duke Video, tel 01624 640000

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