Honda CB750 50th Anniversary Celebration Day!

Having established the term ‘Superbike’ the CB750, first launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 1968, has firmly cemented its place in the history books and this year the iconic Honda duly deserves a great celebration for its 50th Anniversary!
The David Silver Honda Collection has invited owners of all 1969/70s SOHC CB750 models to join them on Saturday 29th September 2018 to create yet another occasion in history. In addition, all Honda fans are duly invited to join the day.
Eight Awards are to be presented in the contest element and they have two of the World’s leading CB750 experts joining David and Roger Etcell as judges. Vic World will be flying in from California and John Wyatt will be joining them from the UK.
Over 40 eligible CB750 entries have now been received from across the UK plus Norway, Sweden, Netherlands and Germany with the target to exceed 50 now in their sights!
Entries to-date feature rare and interesting examples and some of the highlights include:
  • From Norway, an original 1969 CB750 sandcast model of just one-owner from new with over 600,000kms (385,000 miles) on the clock. (see our press reales of 18th April)
  • The £161,000 CB750 pre-production model as purchased at auction earlier this year.
  • A unique Japan market only CB750A Hondamatic.
  • A very original CB750 Phil Read Replica with only 3,900 on the clock from new.
  • A 1969 sandcast CB750 from California with 134,000 miles, rebuilt but not restored!
  • Entries include almost all types of SOHC CB750’s produced. From sandcast originals through K1 to K7, Phil Read & 750SS factory Limited Editions plus custom road & race specials.
  • Several CB750’s converted to successful track racers with original factory CR race kit parts.
  • From the TV series ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ a CB750-K2 lovingly owned from new by (Ex…British Championship Racer; Police Motorcyclist; Royal Bodyguard and TV Stunt Rider!) Karen Wicks from Louth.
On the day, the new David Silver Honda Collection museum, now with over 180 classic Honda motorcycles from 1948 to 1992 on display, will be open free to all visitors. Check out:

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