club focus: air cool!

In the first of a series, we look at the best classic clubs in the country. First up, those cool cats with cool Kats (and other bikes) of Air Cooled Suzuki.

Image © Gary D Chapman

I was in the Katana club and Old Skool Suzuki and they were great, but it was at a Katana event that I realised I loved lots of air-cooled bikes (and especially Suzukis), so I decided to take the lead and set up ACS about eight or nine years ago as a result, reports John Martin.

We now have about 2000 members split between the forum and the thriving Facebook page. I love the fact that it’s such a very diverse range of bikes and people who all help each other. You’re more likely to help a fellow club member with information, help or a part – and today this is especially relevant when you see the prices of some parts on eBay! The shared knowledge is especially important and the camaraderie in the club is second-to-none!


As an example of this: I’ve always kept entry to ACS free, I pay for the forum etc, but a few years back we were at an event and caught out big time by the weather. We really needed a couple of gazebos but they would cost £1100. I put the question out there on the forum and people put in whatever they could afford: £2, a fiver, £20, etc… soon we had around £300-£400 in the kitty but still some way short of the £1100 required.

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