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Enjoy the cover-mounted reprint of Motor Cycle Weekly. This is August 1979. Read Barry Sheene's heartache as he's pipped at the post by Kenny Roberts at the British GP as the pair come to lap a backmarker! Also in this issue, veteran scrambler Vic Eastwood decides to call it a day after injury, stunt rider Dave Taylor hits back at Sammy Miller after being labelled a "cowboy", and Japan's motorcyle exports fall by 27%.

Out and about with bikes in October 2012

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Dealer's special
A Honda CB250K in rather fine fettle

Tell us what’s going on in your biking world

Show us yours
Send in pics of your bike for all to see in CMM

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Spotters guide
Low sales volume still didn’t stop Kawasaki from selling its own version of the archetypal British bike

Funny front ends. Stop laughing at the back

Honda CB racersCB racers
Honda’s CB500 Four featured a bore and stroke similar to that of Hailwood’s RC181, so it didn’t take much for Honda RSC to prep it for racing. Phillip Tooth tells the story

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The teen machines
1983 saw a generation of new riders on 125s

Without whom
Jim Lomas exhausts: our Czech mate

Reader's special
A Norton Rotary? Shurely shome mishtake…?

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Mira filesMIRA files
With experience of Yamaha’s first reed-valve twins and their closely associated racing machines, John Nutting recalls when you could dream of riding with the bikes used by the stars

The saga with Mark Haycock’s Yamaha RD350R engine continues as he attempts to remove a broken exhaust stud from the barrel

Stan Stephens
The first in a series of how to tune an engine

Useful chaps who can help with your project

Buying guide
Honda’s CB500 twin: commuter and all-rounder

Advertise your bike for free. Browse. Buy another

Kawa Z1B: Ridden and restored along the way

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