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Give us your club and forum meet details!

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Forgotten bike
Suzuki’s TL1000R remembered

A tattoo artist moans. But wins Star Letter! Result!

Show us yours
A CB900, a YZF pretending to be a Norton. What next?

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Spotter’s guide
Getting down and dirty with the Suzuki DR350

Unsung hero
Glam gran Jayne passes test and buys GPX!

Laverda 750SF
Scooperman rides this classic Italian twin

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Main test
Seminal and supersonic: Kawasaki’s ZZ-R1100       

Fuel’s gold
Just what is modern fuel doing to our classics?

Reader’s restoration
Lovely GL1000 built from $900 wreck

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MIRA files
Honda’s early V4 effort: the VF750F recalled

Big oily men of the world unite. And then build!

Stan Stephens
Stan’s angered at people calling him a cheat! As if!

Perfect polishing
In part one of his guide on how to polish parts perfectly, Mark Haycock tells us what’s needed to get some shine on your nuts

Workshop guide: Batteries
When your sulphide is sulking there’s no need for a padded dry cell. Help is at hand – Steve Cooper is CMM’s battery boy

Panasonic competition
Win a digital camera in our Nick Nicholls comp

Rated products
Workshop tools and bike accessories

What you need to know about brake calipers
One of the easiest ways to improve your modern classic’s performance is the braking system

Make or break: RG 500
In the last of his ‘Make or Break’ series, Scottie shares with us his latest spoils

Suzuki workshop repairProject Stinger
At long last the engine cases of Satan’s Suzuki are about to be partially populated

MacKenzie LC hunt
Well, it didn’t take long for a CMM reader to help out its latest recruit to find a project bike, did it?

Yamaha RD400 buying guide
They don’t get much better than the RD400

Club guide
If there's a club, you'll find it here

Archive image
Shell Harris

Mark Williams
Spotter's guide

Kawasaki AR125

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