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While some may think they’re too restricting and offer less freedom, crash helmets offer more protection, are safer and quieter than not wearing anything at all: a good trade-off, surely?

Cafe racer
The 1977 XLCR was Harley-Davidson’s shot at bringing hog power to the sports bike crowd. Phillip Tooth takes a ride and re-evaluates whether it hit the mark.

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Yamaha RD350LC2YPVS
Behold an icon. The YPVS is quite possibly Yamaha’s most accomplished two-stroke ever. The YPVS was a great of the 1980s. They were to be found everywhere, on every street corner, packing every race paddock. Fast as hell… and cheap as chips. Simple, it turns out, is brilliant.

Without whom
A father and son business is what brought the familiar name of Fahron into being. Four decades on the name’s the same and the original values haven’t changed either.

Reader's special
One change can quite often lead to another when you start to fiddle with your motorcycle. Mark Griffiths made a few small changes to this FS1-E four years ago and hasn’t stopped since. We reckon the end result of this tinkering has created the fastest air-cooled FS1-E in the UK.

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Mira files
The Laverda Jota has a well-earned reputation for performance. But so has the 1200 Mirage… at much less cost. 

Buying guide
Japan’s 1960s motorcycling intent was very clearly spelt out for all to see by Honda with its 125cc four-stroke ohc twin, the CB92 Benly.

This Yamaha DT175 came with a restoration promise.

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