Classic Bike Trackdays heads to Castle Combe

Since its opening in 1950, some of the most famous names in motor racing have left their tyre tracks around Castle Combe’s challenging tarmac… and now it’s your turn!

Taking place across Friday 20th and Saturday 21st July, Classic Bike Trackdays is offering a rare opportunity to ride the West Country’s famous circuit, and experience the 1.85 miles of fast sweeping bends, chicanes and the infamous Avon Rise and Quarry Corner.

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For the uninitiated, Classic Bike Trackdays are open to all pre-1995 bikes (although later bikes may be allowed, if they’re in the spirit of the event). Riders with all levels of experience are welcome, with the groups split into similar aged machines, by capacity and by rider experience.

Plus, there’s free professional ACU instruction provided throughout the day, tyre services from Continental Motorcycle Tyres, Trackside photography from Xtreme Photography – and friendly advice and assistance from the whole Classic Bike Trackdays team.

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Tracktime: 9am – 5pm

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4 groups, 20 bikes in each group

Sessions: 7 sessions

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Noise Limit: 107dBA static – measured at ½ metre from the exhaust outlet at ¾ maximum revs (start of the redline)

Rider Age: 18 years and above (no 33bhp restricted licences allowed)

Price: £139 per day / £258 for both days



07:30 – Arrival at Circuit 

From 7:30 – Rider Registration 

The registration procedure involves the completion of an indemnity form (provided on the day if you don’t already have the one we send via email), examination of DVLA or ACU licence, distribution of appropriate wristband and bike sticker for your rider group

From 08:00 – Noise Testing 

Noise testing is usually from 8am, so please ask a friend to take your bike for testing so you can register and attend the riders briefing. Priority will be given to the first group on track

08:15 – Rider Safety Briefing 

This briefing is mandatory to all riders that attend any of our track days. Any rider who does not attend the briefing will NOT be allowed to partake in the day’s events. A typical briefing will cover the following points:-

Classic Bike Trackdays Introduction

Circuit layout and track knowledge (pit lane entry & exit, etc.)

Format for the day, an explanation of groups, session times, lunch, sighting / warm-up laps etc.

On track safety including, overtaking, courteous riding, what (and what not) to do in the event of an accident, etc.

Off track safety including, paddock rules, assembly in pit lane, fuelling, etc

Description and meanings of Track Flags

Services and Facilities – Professional Instruction, Photography and Tyre & Mechanical assistance in the paddock.  Track and personal insurance also available

After you have attended the briefing session you will be given a wristband to show that you have attended. You must show your wristband, as you line up for your each session. If you do not have 2 wristbands for both rider registration and briefing you will not be allowed on track

09:00 – Sighting/ Warm-up Laps and Morning Sessions 

Each initial session starts with warm up laps behind an instructor in the first session for each group. The sessions will be divided either by the age of bike so there are always comparably machines on track, by engine capacity, or by rider experience – which will depend on the bookings for each event. The sessions will rotate every 15 or 20 minutes depending on the venue.

12:00 – Lunch 

13:00 – Warm-up Laps and Afternoon Sessions 

Each initial session starts with warm up laps behind an instructor in the first session for each group. The same order as the morning will be used, rotating on  15 or 20 minute sessions

17:00 Finish   

Book online –  or call the CBT office on 01983 529932

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