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Brough Superior Bobber

There are few more evocative names in the motorcycling world than that of Brough Superior; the legendary marque set up in 1919 by motorcycle racer and world land speed record holder, George Brough. In this Back Street Heroes Spotlight, we delve into a custom Brough Superior Bobber!

Between 1919 and 1940 a total of 3,048 Brough Superiors were built, the most famous of which were the SS (Super Sports) models; the 80 and 100. The SS80 was powered by a 1,000cc sidevalve JAP or Matchless engine, and was guaranteed to do more than 80 miles an hour, and the much rarer SS100, also powered by 1,000cc JAP or Matchless motors, but this time with overhead valves, and were guaranteed to do over 100mph, and while the factory did do other bikes too, these were the ones that gained the Brough Superior marque its now legendary status. It was reckoned, back in about 2008, that there were just over 1,000 Brough Superiors left in existence (although another eight were found in a barn in Cornwall in 2016 where they’d been for 50 years – can you imagine that?). I don’t know if the bike you see here in front of you counts as one of those 1,000, but I suspect it doesn’t as it was built, like its forebears, from only the finest quality components, but this time from the custom industry. Find out more in this video…

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