2002 Suzuki TS50X

Q: I’m a reader of Classic Motorcycle Magazine  and a massive fan of motorbikes. I’ve just turned 16 and got my first bike – a Suzuki TS50X and want more power. I have looked for all the restrictions on the bike, the spacer between carb and engine and removing the gasket in the exhaust but I’m also thinking about getting new reeds. I think that the porting where the exhaust goes into the engine can be made bigger but I’m not sure, any chance you can help or know of better measures for me or advice?

A:  James, I think the honest answer is that you could spend quite a long time and possibly a fair amount of cash on this and even if you could get double the power output from your engine (which I suspect is unlikely), you are only going to get another  3.9bhp. It is probably a better bet to bide your time and put the money towards a bigger bike when you turn 17 – if you can work your way through all the rules, regulations, tests and exams which are now involved in riding a motorbike. Now, it the Good Old Days… But seriously, check out next month’s supplement where we intend to try and show learners fun modern classics that can be ridden on restricted licences…

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