1984 Kawasaki ZX750 GPz A12 torque settings


Q: Hello! My son is living in the USA and he is in the middle of fixing up his 1984 ZX750 GPz  A12 American spec. He wants to know the torque setting for the bolts holding the drive chain sprocket on the rear wheel. He has set them at 29 ft-lbs, but is unsure if that is enough or too much. He cannot get any info from Kawasaki dealers in the USA so he asked me if I knew which I don’t!

Les Cumberland


 A: This is a rather strange one as the relevant manual that I have seen covers the earlier KZ750 from 1980 and lists the later ZX750-A1 (a.k.a. GPZ750) and subsequent models as a supplement. The indication is that the figure your son has used, 29lbft/39Nm is the correct one. However, the GPZ900r, although more powerful, has the self-same six M10x1.25 nuts holding on the rear sprocket and they are torqued to 51lbft/69Nm (revised to even more for later models) so I wonder if it might be safer to use that tighter setting?

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