1982 Suzuki GN400 component finishing

Q: I’m currently restoring my 1982 Suzuki GN400 after recently retiring and having some time on my hands. I am looking for some advice on the best way to finish my cylinder, cylinder head and rocker cover after recently having them vapour blasted. I thought of leaving them bare, but even after a few weeks they are beginning to show signs of slight oxidisation. Can you recommend what is the normal way to finish off engine parts for Suzuki bikes of this era? I’m thinking of spraying them with high temp silver, but would welcome any suggestions.

Brian Morris

A: I am never convinced that high temperature paint to be applied at home can last any time, particularly for the engine parts you mention which get very hot in service. Even the factory applied finishes were not that great, which is why you are refurbishing the parts. I have had pretty good results from leaving the parts in the original vapour blasted condition but simply treating them from time-to-time with WD40 and wiping off the excess. Alternatively, speak to a good paint sprayer who might be able to apply a durable paint made especially for professional application.

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