1980 Kawasaki Z7650/750

Q: Hello, I’d appreciate your opinion on the need for coil replacement on my Z650 F1. I’ve recently fitted a Z750E1 engine into my Z650 frame, The bike is running fine but I’m wondering if I should uprate the original Z650 coils (points ignition) to new Z750 coils which are electronic ignition as standard. Would this be a good idea, or is it a case of, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it?

Good ol’ bikes, those Zeds.

 A: Well, it would be a good idea to get the correct coils if you can get hold of a pair for a reasonable price. Electronic ignition was introduced for the 1981 season of both models and the coils were changed because they needed different characteristics for the new system. Although everything seems okay now, the danger is that something (either a coil or the igniter) might fail at an awkward time. The part numbers for the new coils, if you want to search for them, are 21121-1027 and 21121-1028.

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