CMM Future Classics (2011) – PDF Download


36-page – PDF Download – supplement from 2011.



36-page – PDF Download – supplement from 2011.

Welcome to Classic Mechanics’ Future classics mini-mag. 15,000 carefully chosen words on the bikes we should all be buying now, because in 10 years’ time, we’ll be kicking ourselves if we don’t. If you’ve ever wished you bought an RC30 15 years ago, when they were £4000 or an old Z1 for £3000 at the same time, this is the mag that will hopefully stop you (and me) making the same mistake again with a 916 or a Bandit 1200. This isn’t about classic bikes as an investment though, old bikes should never be that. This is about the bikes that matter – the ones we rode, loved and sold too soon, or promised ourselves that ‘one day … ‘ Those not-necessarily-beautiful, not-necessarily-reliable and not-necessarily-your-cup-of-tea-but-they-mean-a-lot-to-me machines that we know we’ll want to ride again. Right now many of these 70s, 80s and 90s bikes are bumping along the bottom of the price charts. Forgive the cliche, but there has never been a better time to buy. So please don’t take this as some kind of definitive bible, please don’t get too upset if your personal favourite isn’t here. Barely an hour had elapsed after we finished it before we realised there were three huge omissions (how could we forget the V-Max?). It’s a guide, a trip down (recent) memory lane, a prod, a reminder that now is the time to treat yourself while prices are still low.

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