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Editor's intro
Bertie sets the scene
Please don’t say that was summer. Surely we’re due some more?
Schwantz hits the Suzuka podium. CMM hosts Dyno Day. New RD350 coming?
You hate us! You love us! We’re confused
Show us yours
Win a Tamiya kit if you do the best bike resto of the month.
Mould breaker
Yamaha’s Genesis and EXUP remembered
Forgotten bike
Meanwhile their own TRX850 is unfairly forgotten by many
Classic ride
Steve Cooper rides a sorted Stinger. Well, it’s more complete than his…
Laverda 3CL
JB swings a leg over a triple treat and almost falls in love
Shed seven
A VFR750 with a special superiority complex
Reader's special
Danny Carlisle’s super Suzuki GS1000
Project TDMMIRA files
Simple, basic but super: Suzuki’s GS500E commuter
Emerging classic
Mark Williams on Triumph’s Trident from the 1990s
Retro reboot
Honda’s CBX750 inline four rebooted and reimagined
CMM archive
Scott Russell wins the Suzuka 8 Hours
Buying guide
Kawasaki’s Zephyr 1100 remembered and rated
Yamaha’s SRX400

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