Star Letter: Thanks for the memories!

Published: 08:08AM Apr 17th, 2013
By: Web Editor
I have been buying your magazine on and off now for about two years and have recently become a subscriber, my first issue being March 2013. I must say how pleased I was to see the feature bike in this mag was the Kawasaki ZZ-R1100
Star Letter: Thanks for the memories!

When I first saw the ZZ-R in 1990 (as a skinny 22-year-old riding a Yamaha DT125), I fell in love and vowed to have one, one day! Fast forward 13 years and I became the proud owner of a dark metallic green 1995 D4 model, which I still own nine years later. It’s a superb bike in many ways, the comfort of the ride position, the smooth transition through the gears, the speed... I had it up to 165mph, which scared the bejesus out of me, and it still wanted to go faster. Sadly, my bottle went before it ran out of poke! In the intervening years between the DT and the ZZ-R, I had a number of different bikes: GS650GT, Z750LTD, even a CB750 Four, hard tail chopper, but one bike stood out from all the rest.

In 1992 I bought an F reg Yamaha FJ1200. What a bike. The first time I took it out I felt like I’d just climbed aboard the Starship Enterprise. It didn’t have gears; it had warp factors. My missus at that time was riding the GS650GT, but after taking my FJ around the estate promptly declared she wanted one. One week later she owned a 1984 FJ1100.

Since then, many things have changed. The missus is ex, and so is the bike. I found out the bike had been written off, rebuilt and reregistered before I bought it. It went some way to explaining why I went through a set of rear wheel bearings every three months (think the frame may have been twisted).

Anyway, when this month’s CMM arrived this week the huge smile that had arrived on my face when I first rode the FJ returned, as the cover bike looked exactly like the 1100 my ex had. It brought back all the wonderful memories of riding my FJ and I wanted to say thanks. I have recently bought an XJR1300 from a friend on the basis of the pedigree of that engine and also because it looks beautiful in black. It doesn’t disappoint.

Thanks again for the great memories your mag brings back to life. Keep it up.

Andrew Taylor

Bertie says: Thanks for that Andrew, we’ve had plenty of positive feedback on the introduction of bikes from the 1990s into CMM – this was something first done by my predecessor Ben Wilkins and something we’re keen to continue. While we love the ‘real’ classics such as the CB750, the Z1, Suzuki’s GTs and GSs, RDs of all shapes, sizes and cooling, we also know that modern classics from the 1990s offer all the good bits of owning modern motorcycles without the price tags of older classics and with more practicality.

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