Prize winning letter: Memories and regrets

17 September 2014
Your August issue brought back memories and regrets for two bikes I owned and sold. The two articles that brought this back were the one on the Morini 3½ and a bike from your ‘ugly ducklings’ piece Read more

Arise, Sir Stanley Stephens of Two-strokeshire

17 September 2014
I’m 51 years old, and have been a regular reader of your magazine since the early 1990s Read more

Motor mayhem

17 September 2014
I’ve just picked up your latest mag with the restoration guide. I’ve sent a photo of my GSX1100S engine Read more

Prize Winner: Casal cool!

20 August 2014
I was pleasantly surprised to see the Casal SS4 mentioned in John Nutting’s article ‘My top 10 tiddlers’ in May 2014’s CMM Read more

Keep on moving

20 August 2014
Hi there to everyone at Classic Motorcycle Mechanics Read more

No more strokers!

20 August 2014
Please stop the Reboot pain, it hurts! Read more

Prize Winner: Happy Yamaha YDS2 memories

16 July 2014
Back in 1962 I was assistant editor of the original Motorcycle Mechanics when it was the world’s best-selling motorcycle magazine (yes, really!) with an audited circulation of over 150,000 copies a month! Read more

Top people - the BABD!

16 July 2014
Regarding Mark Newsome’s letter about being a biker and disabled, there is no reason why he cannot get back on a bike himself Read more

Bertie and Stan are rubbish!

16 July 2014
I have been reading CMM from issue one regularly until I got fed up with reading about Bob Berry’s love life Read more

More show, less moolah

18 June 2014
I am getting dismayed with the organisers of these static events called bike shows Read more

Current Issue: Oct 2014 - Issue 324

• Kawasaki KZ750
Kwak’s big twin ridden and remembered
• BMW R60
A terrific Teutonic Boxer twin
• 1974 Suzuki RV125 Vanman
One man and his balloon-tyred bike
• Aprilia RS125/KTM Hybrid
A gorgeous stroker, rebuilt as a thumper
• Suzuki GSX-R1100K/L/M
MIRA files marvels at the mammoth GSX-R1100 family
• Honda CBX1000 cafe racer
Our own take on the cafe racer craze with a CBX

Oct 2014 - Issue 324

All that's best in modern classic motorcycling

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