Prize Winner: Top Gun? Top work!

16 April 2014
You have made the right decision as noted in the March 2014 edition of CMM, when deciding to put together a Kawasaki GPz900R Top Gun replica Read more

What the heck?!

16 April 2014
Bertie! Firstly, I must say I like the new-look mag, it is a bit of a refresh! Read more

From Pip’s pulpit

16 April 2014
Hey Bertie, loved the KE175 piece by the Scoop/Dick brigade but I’d love Steve’s take on the little chains on the footpegs Read more

Tony’s two penn’orth!

16 April 2014
As a regular subscriber to CMM I feel just as entitled as others to add my critique of the current direction your esteemed organ has taken Read more

Prize winning letter: What's my window?

19 March 2014
The recent article and complaints about the Ducati 916 made me realise something Read more

I love Retro Reboot!

19 March 2014
Somebody give whoever does Retro Reboot a job designing bikes for a major manufacturer Read more

Careful now!

19 March 2014
The piece I just read about the Kawasaki GPz750 seems completely out of place with the quality of objective writing I have enjoyed over the years taking your mag Read more

Prize winning letter: Pads were past it

19 February 2014
While rummaging through the old magazine I chanced upon Project Hornet part three, ‘The revenge of the brake pad.’ Read more

Gull Arm MV

19 February 2014
In your August 2013 issue you featured the Honda CBR400RR Gull Arm Read more

Prize winner: What on earth are you doing?

15 January 2014
I really don’t know what to say? What on earth is a Ducati 916 doing in Classic Motorcycle Mechanics? Read more

Current Issue: May 2014 - Issue 319

• 1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP
Chris Moss rides a litre-class giant and comes back smiling
• Yamaha FZR1000 family
Why an FZR is a sensible modern classic buy right now
• Focus on BMW
Beemers you should be buying!
• Yamaha YDS2
Steve Cooper rides a classy tiddler and is impressed
• Kawasaki ZXR750H2
Aussie Karl builds a race bike from a wreck

May 2014 - Issue 319

All that's best in modern classic motorcycling

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