It wasn't Bruce!

17 December 2014
As I work alongside a former champion speedway rider who’s full of stories and facts about the sport I can’t tell you how excited I was to see another champion speedway rider featured in the mag: so excited in fact I took CMM to work to show him Read more

About time!

17 December 2014
I was pleased to see something on the original incarnation of the Honda CBR600F and especially to hear what the editor thought of the various models in ‘Coming Classics’ Read more

Prize Winner: Is this Don Morley’s CB500?

19 November 2014
I have just been looking at the CB500 article in the November CMM and noticed that the bike at the top left of page 48 looks as though it could be mine Read more

It's hip to be square!

19 November 2014
I’ve just read Karl Webster’s article on rebuilding his GSX-R750F in the August issue and thought I’d share my thoughts Read more

Give us more modern!

19 November 2014
I’ve been reading your magazine for about a year now and I’m trying to build up a small collection of modern classics Read more

Prize winner: You've won a new subscriber

15 October 2014
I notice from recent letters in CMM that you’ve had a bit of a rough ride from those who want the world to stop evolving circa 1970 and the magazine to exist in a hermetically sealed time capsule Read more

Sexy six speeder

15 October 2014
Firstly, may I say what a splendid job you guys do each month to bring us this magazine Read more

No more 400-Fours

15 October 2014
Just a quick note to say how good the magazine is. I’m really enjoying Stan the Man and the new bike rebuilds with the ZRX1100 and all. I do have a couple of gripes though Read more

Prize winning letter: Memories and regrets

17 September 2014
Your August issue brought back memories and regrets for two bikes I owned and sold. The two articles that brought this back were the one on the Morini 3½ and a bike from your ‘ugly ducklings’ piece Read more

Arise, Sir Stanley Stephens of Two-strokeshire

17 September 2014
I’m 51 years old, and have been a regular reader of your magazine since the early 1990s Read more

Current Issue: Jan 2015 - Issue 327

1980 BMW R80/7
Mossy gets sensible about bikes with panniers
Yamaha RD200
Yamaha’s racy two-stroke twin recalled in MIRA Files
Kawasaki GPz1000R Turbo
The best Turbo of the 1980s is rebooted for today
Honda CB750
Steve Cooper’s buying guide on the legendary big Honda four
Coming classics
Andy Bolas on the beauty of the Thunderace
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Jan 2015 - Issue 327

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