Yamaha's exceptional EXUP

Wednesday, 16 April 2014
Welcome to the May issue of CMM. You may sense a slight Yamaha theme in this month’s issue – and to a degree you’d be right

With Chris Moss riding a tidy 1989 EXUP, Scoop enjoying a YDS2 and filling us in on the YR3 for the Buyer’s Guide, it all made me realise what amazing machines Yamaha has created for us.

When you think of what this firm has pioneered in motorcycle technology – the use of alloy beam frames on race and then road bikes, exhaust valves, five-valve heads and then count up the classic Yamahas from all eras, including a raft of air- and liquid-cooled RDs, FZs, FZRs, YZFs and others, you realise there’s a mouthwatering selection of gorgeous Yamahas out there for us to enjoy. We take a particular look at the FZR1000 this month and see that it’s still (just) this side of ‘bargain.’

BMW is perhaps more surprising. Our look at the classic BMWs of the 1970s and 80s also gives us hints on which 1990s Beemers will hit classic status soon. While many in the modern motorcycle press of the time would label some of Munich’s more traditional models as ‘dull’ time has passed and they’ve matured into fine future classics. With prices for the quirky R1100R of the mid-1990s starting at a grand, there’s even a bike suitable for every pocket.

There’s something out there for everyone. So don’t forget to let us know what you’re buying, restoring, recreating or returning to. Enjoy this month’s mag!

Bertie Simmonds, Editor

Jan 2015 - Issue 327

All that's best in modern classic motorcycling

About the Editor

Bertie Simmonds, Editor
Bertie Simmonds, Editor

CMM editor Bertie Simmonds cut his teeth on a Kawa 125 while working on a local paper. He soon got the bike bug and progressed and has tried and worked on most of the modern ‘classics’.

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