16 July 2014
Numbers in motorcycling are oh-so important
18 June 2014
So said the Outspan oranges advert from many moons ago – and they were right
21 May 2014
It may not have seen the sort of bike sales the 1980s enjoyed, but we can look back at the 1990s as a halcyon time for motorcycling
16 April 2014
Welcome to the May issue of CMM. You may sense a slight Yamaha theme in this month’s issue – and to a degree you’d be right
19 March 2014
It’s always difficult when looking back. More so with bikes
19 February 2014
It’s brilliant being at the helm of a magazine that can cover such a broad scope of machines and memories
15 January 2014
Titter ye not. The headline isn’t what you’re thinking, but more a certain gap in my motorcycle career, which I will put right in 2014
18 December 2013
Is it? The Ducati 916, I mean. Now, I know for a section of our readership anything with a fairing and sometimes anything with a four-stroke motor can’t be their cup of tea, but surely we can all see the beauty in this iconic motorcycle?
20 November 2013
I’ve had a number of obsessions, some of which (ahem) I can tell you about here
16 October 2013
I’ve suffered a bit this month. Suffered from being too busy to ride or for having too many things going on to go into the garage

Current Issue: Aug 2014 - Issue 322

• Quick spin– 1999 Ducati 900SS
Mossy rides the face-lifted Ducati legend. Pig in knickers?
• Moto Morini 3½
Jon Bentman on the marvellous V-twin Morini
• Suzuki GSX-R750F
Karl Webster restores one of his first loves
• Honda C110
A son restores a bit of dad’s history before the National Rally
• Aprilia RS250
1994’s two-stroke tearaway re-imagined for the iPad posse

Aug 2014 - Issue 322

All that's best in modern classic motorcycling

About the Editor

Bertie Simmonds, Editor
Bertie Simmonds, Editor

CMM editor Bertie Simmonds cut his teeth on a Kawa 125 while working on a local paper. He soon got the bike bug and progressed and has tried and worked on most of the modern ‘classics’.

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