Editor's intro
Bertie sets the scene
• Archive
A flying Boxer twin captured forever by Don Morley
• Archive extra
The artistry of Arto Nyquist, by the artistry of Don Morley
• 1989 Yamaha FZR1000 EXUP
Chris Moss rides a litre-class giant and comes back smiling
• News
News, views, columnists and products. And more
• Calendar
May we suggest where to go in… er… May?
You tell us like it is and we love you for it. Honest
• Show us yours
A smattering of what’s in your garage. Keep ’em coming
Yamaha FZR• Yamaha FZR1000 family
Why an FZR is a sensible modern classic buy right now
• Focus on BMW
Beemers you should be buying!
• 1994
Britpop was coming and Foggy was winning. Magic days
• Yamaha YDS2
Steve Cooper rides a classy tiddler and is impressed
• Kawasaki ZXR750H2
Aussie Karl builds a race bike from a wreck in a week
• Aussie rules!
More Antipodean antics but this time from the VJMC
• MIRA files: Top 10 tiddlers
Do your 1960s-1980s tiddler choices match up with JN’s?
• Kawasaki ZZ-R800
The Big K’s middleweight powerhouse reborn for today


Pip is the torque-meister and what odds and sods are new now?
• Fix it for peanuts
Pip Higham on what to look out for when fixing carbs
• Oil leaks
Scoop starts our special on what to look out for when you spot oil
• Yamaha XS650
Mark Haycock sorts an XL oil leak on an XS!
• Kawasaki ZRX1100
Alan Dowds gets busy with the ZRX and gets her stripped
• Project SPA KAT
Paul Berryman’s race to be on the Spa grid continues
• Kawasaki KR-1S
Stan Stephens on rebuilding Kawasaki’s parallel twin stroker
• Project Aprilia Mille
The editor with no idea buys a big twin from Noale. The prat
Yamaha YR3
Yamaha tiddler buying tips
• Q&A
Problems shared are problems halved and solved, it seems
• Suzuki GSX1100EFE – Showstopper
It’s a laughing matter, this one. What a gas!

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