Dec 2015 - Issue 338

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06 ARCHIVE Fabrizio Pirovano on a GSX-R600.

08 1998 YAMAHA TRX850 Andy Bolas buys a belter: he hopes!

13 NEWS What's hot, not and new in the classic world.

18 CALENDAR Christmas is a-coming, and Bertie's getting fat...

20 FEEDBACK More on the DVLA and fab Fazers! Forza!

22 SHOW US YOURS There are some top bikes out there.

26 HONDA RCB RACER REPLICA A Honda replica done on the cheap.

30 SUZUKI AS50 Andy Westlake on a triffic tiddler my son!

38 CMM STAFFORD SHOW Our round-up of a great weekend! Magic!

42 SUZUKI RE5 Steve Cooper on a cool rotary classic.

50 SUZUKI GSX-R750F Suzuki GB will restore this classic in a week at the NEC show.

56 MIRA FILES: THE BEST OF 1985 John Nutting on that most classic of years.

64 HONDA MB-5 Our Retro Reboot of a classic Honda tiddler.

121 NEXT MONTH The FULL story on Stan Stephens' RD1200LC V6 motor!

122 PARTING SHOT The view of things to come.

Issue 338

Issue 338
Dec 2015

All that”s best in modern classic motorcycling

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